Sunday, January 10, 2010

Viewing Log: Australia

1)      How does the text relate to the theme of a journey?

Lady Sarah Ashley goes to Australia for years before World War II. She is very determined to continue her husband works. She drives a herd of cattle to Darwin herself with the help of her workers to get the animals there. Though she is a grown up city girl, she never complain or give up to achieve her goal. She is such a brave woman even her husband is not there for her.

2)      What is the main issue in the text?

The main issue that I found in the story is the bravery and determination of a woman who is willing to do anything to achieve her goal. She managed to drive her animals to Darwin though this job usually done by men. She does not afraid of anything that will face in the future and with whom she socializes with.

3)      What quality do you admire or dislike in a character?

I like the character of Sarah Ashley. She is not a proud woman though when her first arrive to Australia, she does not great any citizens there. When she finds out that her husband has dead, she does not give up and tries to do whatever her husband has wished to. Later, when she knows that Nullah is a mixed race and the police are looking for mixed race children, she never tell the police about it and has always treated him nicely. She also tries her best effort to find Nullah back to her though they have no blood relationship.

4)      How does the text develop your understanding of the world?

We should not discriminate people for a certain matter. Human beings are all the same. Nowadays, they are still people who like to discriminate person who shall not be blamed for. We have to accept people for what they are. For example, Nullah and the other children who are same fate as him, should not be sent to a further place. As an adult, they should not be mistreated and should be given a good education and morality in life.


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